Everybody wants to know “ what do you charge “ ? There is not a simple answer since we are dealing with a creative medium to make images that last for generations ! However I do understand the need to know how much all this fun and art is going to cost me. Here are the basics to get you started.  All pricing is based on a 30 mile radius of the Danville,VA area, and any location fees if needed will be the responsibility of the client. We are pretty flexible , if you need adjustments let me know and we will try to work with you any way we can.

  $150.00   This gets about an hour of camera time, one primary location and includes 1 8x10, 2 5x7’s and 6 images on USB drive to have and hold. Included is minor retouching if needed. This is aimed at headshots for business use , impromptu individual sessions when quality images are needed and time is limited.

  $300.00   Gives you about 2 hours of camera time.  This works well for families and small groups , usually 1  prime location ,includes 2 11x14's 2 8x10's and 15 edited images on a USB drive for you.  

  $500.00   This gets you 4 to 5 hours or so of camera time for couples, family’s , seniors, etc. This is designed for those landmark times that need to be recorded. Included is minor retouching B&W conversion of select images 1 11x14 wall art print, 3 8x10’s 16 wallets and USB drive of at least 25  high quality photographs. My desire is to make this part simple and easy for you so we can concentrate on the photographs you want and not get all tied up with this thing and that thing . Lets just make photo art that you LOVE and get to have in the form you need.    There are many products and wall art available ala- carte on this website, feel free to browse and enjoy. I make the print prices low so you can fill your walls !   We also offer books, magazine style printed pieces and other custom printed work as you need.

  $600.00  This package is for concept photographs such as senior sessions that involve multiple locations or shoot dates.  Prints are negotiated separately for each job.